To our dearest customers:

Ms. Lin located in Millburn in well known by the local area community for our conception of supplying not only tasty but also healthy Chinese Cuisine.

Every ingredient in our restaurant is absolutely fresh, and can vegetable is strictly banned. Besides the traditional roast ingand frying methods, boiling and steaming are also utilized to make the food carry fewer calories, in the meanwhile maintain the same nutrition and great taste to keep the well balance between taste and health.

Every customers very own favor is highly valued in Ms. Lin. As self desigh dishes service is offered by Manager John Shi who has worked in Ms. Lin for the last 12 years. Always satisfying customers in every possible way is the path to builds his professional reputation in the community.

In the respect of continuous serving the community with health tasty Chinese cuisine and warm attitude, Ms. Lin is honored by customers and community winning the title as fallows:

  1. Readers’ choice awards (as published by Millburn/Short Hills Magazine in fall 2012)
  2. Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in US (as voted online by customers with overall excellence total of 99.23%)
  3. Excellence in customers’ satisfaction (as rated by customers online, presented by Celebration Media US and Talk of the Town News)

Thank you very much for the support and it is our pleasure to serve you!



Vegetable Dumpling


Chinese Dish


Chinese Dish

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